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   almost sixteen.

   kané'ohe, hawai'i.

   singing, dancing, acting, etc.

when did you first lay eyes on joaquin?
   i seriously can't remember.

why does he appeal to you?
   at first he was just a pretty face -- you know how that is.  but the more i read and learned about him, the more fond
   of him i became.  he has such a good way of looking at things, it really is amazing.  joaquin is the complete opposite
   of vain.  i respect the fact that he doesn't like to watch any of his movies or read his interviews.

favorite joaquin movie & why?
   it's a tie between quills and clay pigeons, but i love them all.

least favorite joaquin movie & why?
   inventing the abbots.  i hate liv tyler.  i did enjoy his elvis sideburns, though.

favorite joaquin quote and/or scene?
   "would you like to buy a battery operated vagina?"

favorite joaquin picture?

how did you find out about this community?
   i made it, sucka.

prove your obsessiveness.
   this is a joaquin poster on my ceiling, over my bed.

   i draw pictures of myself saying that i love joaquin.

   this is me & joaquin making out in a local movie theatre ...
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"would you like to buy a battery operated vagina?" what movie is that from? whoa. ha.

awesome. joaquin is sexy! i'm so joining the community...

that quote is from the movie 8mm.  the movie itself is kind of on the sick side, but joaquin is really funny in it.
i've been wanting to see that for so long! i finally watched gladiator for the first time last week, and oh, it was super.

i'm spreading the joaquin-love because i got my friend to watch quills with me and she was like, oh, he's is getting more sexy everytime i see him! ha. spread the love!
true that, he does get sexier with every movie!
i'm joining and doing the survey!
yes, score!