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Hello, I'm Mandi and I have been obsessed with Joaquin for about five years now.

Manchester, NJ
Music, poetry, movies...anything creative, basically.
when did you first lay eyes on joaquin?
When he was in "Signs."  I really fell in love with him with that movie.
why does he appeal to you?
He's talented in a way that very few are, he's so anti-hollywood and all its drama.  That, and his eyes are perfect.
favorite joaquin movie & why?
My favorite Joaquin movie would have to be "Quills," because he owned the talent in the movie and he looked the best in it.
least favorite joaquin movie & why?
"Space Camp" because it was boring and unbelievable.
favorite joaquin quote and/or scene?
I really don't have a favorite quote, but his speech in "Signs," where he declares himself a miracle man and he tells the story about how he could have been kissing that girl as she was throwing up.
favorite joaquin picture?
The black and white one where he curls his fist in a makeshift telescope or something.
how did you find out about this community?
Through another Joaquin community.
prove your obsessiveness.
He covers my locker and my room, I have seen every movie he has ever been in at least twice, and in English class when we have to write sentences using weekly vocabulary words all my sentences are always about him.  Oh, and my LJ is totally about him, as is my Photobucket account.

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