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Name/Age/Location: stephanie/18/michigan
Hobbies and Interests: ice hockey, writing, reading, languages, theatre

When did you first lay eyes on Joaquin? good question...i knew he was river phoenix's brother, but i didn't really become a fan until seeing him in signs. ha
Why does he appeal to you? he's so versatile and good at what he does. he's one of the few actors that take acting seriously and it shows. plus, his eyes are gorgeous.
Favorite Joaquin movie and why? quills...there was such raw emotion and passion in that movie. when he cried at madeleine's death, i did too! i was that moved.
Least favorite Joaquin movie and why? none yet. ha.
Favorite Joaquin quote and/or scene? "you're not the anti-christ. you're just a malcontent who knows how to read!"
Favorite Joaquin picture?
just look at those eyes!

How did you find out about this community? from another community
Prove your infatuation! i adore his style of acting and appreciate him for the unique and totally original being he is! i don't just drool over his dark, moody appearance...that's just an added bonus. :)

that was random.
hello, all.
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