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hiya everyone!
I came across this community from another Joaq community
It was kinda difficult figuring out how to join it though XP

My name is Amie
I am 15 years old -no age discrimination please :)
Location - Australia "Gday"
Hobbies: writing, fashion design, graphics design, reading, photography
Interests: joaquin, colin farrell, irish accents, movies, -> look in my userinfo for more

When did you fist lay eyes on Joaquin? ..hmm, Gladiator
Why does he appeal to you? His eyes, they are killer eyes *dies*, his undeniable talent, and his stand on being a vegan, quite compelling
Favorite Joaquin movie and why? Quills: The way the emotions really came through, and he looks soo pretttty when he looks broken hearted.
Least favorite Joaquin movie and why? I think Signs, because of the weird camera angles
Favorite Joaquin quote and/or scene? From The Village, "Sometimes we don't do things, yet others know we want to do things so we don't do them."Completely true.
Favorite Joaquin picture? oh the broody-ness
Image hosted by
Prove your infatuation! ehh i'm only a newbit for joaq *hides* ^^
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