Sugar (sugar_shotgun) wrote in wahkeen,

walk the line

so, who saw it and what did they think?
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I seen it 4 times and can't wait for the weekend to roll around so I can see it yet again! Although I'm a little bit disapointed in the lack of details in the screenplay, it is truely a rivating movie. Joaquin DEFINITELY makes this movie an awesome experience! I truely believe it's his best acting, EVER!
oh, so lucky! i agree with you, it didnt really seem as if it got into anything else other than he and june's relationship, which was fine anyways, but still. and Joaquin defintely made the movie. his performance was perfect. and that voice!!
i just saw it last night. I absolutely LOVED it.
i saw it.

loved it.

i have zero interest in the life of johnny cash and i wouldnt have seen it if it werent for joaquin but i saw it.

and i loved it.
The script was terrible. But Joaquin made the movie decent. Thank God for his acting abilities... because he truly outshines the horrible production of Johnny Cash's life.